The Lodge helps sponsor the Hike-A-Thon for Cancer Research!!!

Curt, Tracy, Andrew (age 7) and Ben (age 4) completed our first hike at Black Moshannon State Park on Sunday!  We could not have been more thrilled to support such a great cause..Hike-A-Thon for Cancer Research benefiting the Navasky Foundation for Life. 

How did this hike come about?  In case you missed the front page article in the Philipsburg Journal I will give give you some details!  Two West Branch senior girls decided to go the extra mile to help raise money for cancer research.  Kyra Hughes, 18, and Myra Sanderbeck, 17, both have been experienced the dreaded disease with someone close to them and wanted to make a difference.  Mariah’s grandfather, Andrew Sanderbeck, died in 1999 with lunch cancer.   Kyra’s grandmother, Yvonne Fetcenko was diagnosed with Cancer in May.  After contacting the Black Moshannon State Park Supervisor, Chris Reese, for approval of 2 routes they were on their way.  Mel Curtis, Moshannon Valley YMCA Program Director, helped in securing corporate sponsors ~ Black Moshannon Lodge, Jack Frost Construction, and Certified Builders Wholesale.  The ladies than contacted Chuck Navasky and The Navasky Foundation for Life.  Their donation will go to support local youth programming and scholarships. 

On Sunday, the Bryan family set out to the unknown!  The “little ones” opted to do the 4 mile hike – instead of the 1 mile one!  WOW!  We were in for a long hike!  The hike started out on a trail past the dam and than continued onto Shingle Mill Trail.  When we got to the road, it looped back along the water and back to the beach.  The boys did great! Yes, we had to carry Ben a little, but all in all he did wonderful.  We sang several songs, filled a ball cap with colorful leaves, looked at several bugs and had 2 hours of quality family time! 

We learned some very valuable lessons on Sunday.  First, Mariah and Kyra thought outside the box and did something remarkable ~ something we can all choose to do!  Congratulations to them and their achievement!  Second, we learned turning off the TV and going outside has greater value than we will ever know.  We will always remember our first family hike!  Third, carrying one bottle of water couldn’t hurt!  We were very thirsty when we were done!

If you would like to make a donation to the the Hike-A-Thon please send a check payable to Mariah Sauderbeck P.O. Box 102 Lanse, PA 16849. Checks payable to Navasky Foundation for Life!  You can also check out Navasky Foundation

P.S. When the boys woke up today they asked…”Mom, Can we goto Blackie and do another Hike?”  Of course! So today we ventured out to a trail right behind the Lodge.  We took Hollow Trail, to Seneca Trail, to Indian Trail, to Hay Road Trail, back to the Lodge.  The forest was so serene and beautiful!!  Our dog, Murphy, also enjoyed herself!  Thankfully we took water and stopped at the Park Office for a map!  This hike was a little quicker and took about an hour!

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